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Degree contract

You conclude a degree contract if you want to obtain a degree for a programme. A degree contract means you will attend the classes and take the exams.

Registration for bridging or preparation programmes, or postgraduate programmes, is also a part of a degree contract.

In order to be able to register for a programme via a degree contract, you have to meet the admission requirements of that programme.

Credit contract

A credit contract means you haven't registered for a programme, but for one or more programme components. Because you haven't registered for a programme, you  cannot obtain a degree via a credit contract. The purpose of a credit contract is to obtain credit certificates. For this, you must attend the classes and take the exams of the programmes you have chosen.

Certain programme components may be dependent on other components, in which case registration may be conditional and a sequentiality requirement may apply. This means that registration for one specific programme component may be conditional on having successfully completed another component. You can find this information in the study guide.

To be able to register with a credit contract, you need to meet the admission requirements.

Students who do not wish to attend educational activities and do not wish to use any of the offered support can register for an exam contract.

Exam contract

Students who choose an exam contract

  • only have the right to pass exams
  • but not the right to
    • attend educational activities or
    • use supporting facilities

Due to their nature, certain programme components can be excluded from an exam contract. Excluded programme components are indicated in the study guide.