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“Organic Photovoltaics: from materials to modules”

This winterschool is organized in a collaboration with the “Solliance” partners, the Interreg project “Orga-Next-Generation” and the project IAP 7/05 FS2 (P9 (UHasselt) and P4 (UMons)).

The winterschool will take place on the 27th and 28th of January 2015 at the UHasselt and offers a diverse program with tutorials by renowned speakers on Synthesis, Device Physics, Photo-Physics, Processing and Theoretical modeling of organic semi-conductors for electronics.

Registration is obligatory, no registration fee is needed.

To have an active involvement of young researchers (PhD and junior post-doc’s) also Flash Talks are foreseen with a duration of 9 minutes (7 minutes presentation, 2 minutes questions). They will be organized by topic: 1. Synthesis, 2. Device Physics, 3. Processing, 4. Theoretical modeling and 5. Photo-Physics. The aim is that an experience is offered to give a concise and focused presentation of research results. As they are organized by topic, an introduction can be omitted or limited to one slide. The organizers invite all young researchers active in one of these subjects to submit a short abstract (1/2 page max.) indicating the topic, including title, authors, affiliation and abstract itself.

Deadline of submission  5th January 2015:
to dirk.vanderzande@uhasselt.be, jean.manca@uhasselt.be and wouter.maes@uhasselt.be

We invite also the Principal Investigators of each group to stimulate submitting abstracts by young researchers.

For any further practical information needed, contact the local organizers: jean.manca@uhasselt.be, dirk.vanderzande@uhasselt.be or wouter.maes@uhasselt.be.

The joint organizing committee:

Dr. J. Drijkoningen, Prof dr. ir. R.A.J. Janssen, Prof. dr. R. Lazzaroni, ir. G. Lekens, Prof. dr. J. Manca, Prof. dr. D. Vanderzande, Prof. dr. W. Maes.

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