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Do you want to know which Master's degree you should have in order to be eligible to a certain doctoral discipline? And what if you don't have the right Master's degree?

Each dossier is assessed individually. In the table below you can find the Master diplomas that automatically give permission to the various doctorates.


Doctorate in from Master in the
Architecture: Architecture Architecture
Architecture: Interior Architecture Interior Architecture
Audiovisual and Visual Arts: Visual Arts Visual Arts
Biomedical Sciences Biomedical Sciences, Medicine, Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, biology, bio-engineering sciences, biochemistry and biotechnology
Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy
Medical Sciences Medicine
Transportation Sciences Transportation Sciences
Law  Law
Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, Physical Education and Human Movement Sciences, Biomedical Sciences
Tourism Transportation Sciences, Economic Sciences, Business Economics, Architecture


Doctorate in from Master in the domain of
Engineering technology Engineering technology
Educational Sciences Education and Pedagogical Sciences
Business Economics Economic sciences, Business Economics, Business Administration and Public Administration
Rehabilitation Sciences Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, Physical Education, Kinesiology and Human Movement Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Medical Sciences, Occupational Therapy  
Sciences Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Information Technology
Sciences: Biology Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Bio-Engineering Sciences, Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Sciences: Chemistry Chemistry, Bio-engineer (civil), Engineering Technology (Chemistry), Bio-engineering Sciences, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biomedical Sciences
Sciences: Physics Physics, (civil) Engineering Technology (physics) 
Sciences: Information Technology Information Technology, (civil) Engineering Technology (computer science)
Sciences: Statistics Statistics, Mathematics
Sciences: Mathematics Mathematics, (civil) Engineering Technology (mathematical engineering techniques)

Do you want to do a certain doctorate, but does your Master's degree not appear in this list?

If you do not have a subsequent Master's degree, as stated in the table, the faculty will determine whether or not you are capable of carrying out scientific research in a specific discipline. The complete procedure can be found in the doctoral regulations.