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Integrity and responsible conduct at UHasselt

Integrity policy

Integrity and responsible conduct at UHasselt

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Whether we’re administrative and technical, non-statutory academic (scholarship holders or otherwise)/ assistant academic or independent academic staff, every job contains complex and specific challenges for which no standard approach is available. It’s not always clear how we should deal with small and larger problems concerning personal data, human conflicts, sensitive information, and so on. How alert do we need to be to these issues? And how do we deal with them with maximum integrity? It’s a challenge we all face.
Against this background, Hasselt University is committed to implementing an integrity charter.
With it, our university wants to raise its employees’ awareness of the need for integrity, and give them some pointers as to the best way to meet these challenges in all their complexity. Not by offering golden rules, but by illustrating problems, spelling out points that need to be considered, and sharing good practice examples. This brochure is a first step in the right direction.


We ask you to read the integrity charter and this brochure carefully, and to carry its message into the reality of your daily work. Integrity is a shared challenge that requires a joint commitment.
Together – each in our own role – let’s build a positive Hasselt University integrity culture.


The Integrity charter contains guidelines and focus points on academic and scientific integrity, people connected to Hasselt University, the confidentiality of certain information, the protection of research results (for possible valorisation), responsibility and respect.