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International students

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The admission requirements for a bachelor's programme, in relation to the obtained diploma, are set forth in the Education, Examination and Legal Position Regulations:

  • General admission requirements for a bachelor's programme (Education Regulations Article 3.3)
    Holders of a Dutch "VWO" or a propaedeutic diploma ("propedeuse") from the Netherlands are entitled to direct admission to the bachelor's programme.
  • Deviating admission requirements for a bachelor's programme (Education Regulations Article 3.4). The Limburg Association of Higher Education (AUHL) provides a Deviating Admission procedure (pDA) for prospectives candidates who do not meet the admission requirements.
  • Specific requirement for the bachelor of medicine (Education Regulations Article 3.5)
  • Admission to individual programme components (Education Regulations Article 3.7)

The language of instruction for all bachelor's programmes is Dutch.

Exchange students must meet the following requirements:

  • they must be registered with the home institution with study contract
  • they must have obtained at least 60 ECTS credits at the home institution
  • they must be nominated as an exchange student by the home institution

Exchange students who wish to follow programme components must take at least 18 ECTS credits per semester and attend Hasselt University for at least one complete education and examination period. In addition, they must meet the admission requirements of the chosen programme component.

All exchange students who come to follow programme components must be nominated by their home institution, which must inform the international office (incoming@uhasselt.be) of Hasselt University by 15 May (for the first semester or the full academic year) or 15 October (for the second semester). Furthermore, a formal agreement with the home institution concerning student exchanges must be in place.

Exchange students who visit for an internship or research project must be nominated by their home institution no less than one month before their arrival.

Subsequently, nominated students must register online via the pre-registration form. In case you want to follow programme components, the pre-registration deadline is:

  • 15 July for the first semester (or for a full academic year).
  • 1 December for the second semester

If you are coming for an internship or research project, you must have completed your online pre-registration no less than two weeks before your arrival.

You will receive an invitation letter as soon as your pre-registration is completed. This letter is needed for other formalities such as a visa application (if applicable).