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The Doctoral School of Sciences & Technology of Hasselt University, the Doctoral School for Natural Sciences of Ghent University and the KULeuven Arenberg Doctoral School organize the Specialist workshop on Numerical methods in the study of bifurcations of discrete and continuous dynamical systems.

June 23-24-25, 2014

In this 3-day workshop the students will learn to numerically study the bifurcation behaviour of discrete and continuous dynamical systems, which includes tracing bifurcation diagrams for bifurcations such as saddle-node bifurcations, period doubling bifurcations, Hopf bifurcations, pitchfork bifurcations, Bogdanov-Takens bifurcations, … The workshop will focus on discrete dynamical systems, ordinary differential equations, delay differential equations.  The workshop comprises both theoretical sessions and practical sessions.  In the practical sessions, computer software MATCONT and DDE-BIFTOOL (both MATLAB based) will be demonstrated.

The workshop is directed to Phd students inscribed in one of the doctoral schools, but also to all other Phd students and postdocs interested to learn about the subject.  The workshop is ideally suited for phd students working with applied dynamical systems in areas as mathematical analysis and mathematical applications of dynamical systems in physics, engineering, biology and chemistry.  Participants should have a basic understanding of applied dynamical systems.  A basic knowledge of MATLAB is not required, though useful.

There is no registration fee, though registration is obliged before June 1, 2014.  Registration is done by sending an email to stefanie.kerkhofs@uhasselt.be, mentioning “BIFURCATIONS 2014”  in the email subject line.  The number of participants is not unlimited.

The workshop will take place at Hasselt University, Campus Hasselt, Building “Oude Gevangenis”, on walking distance from Hasselt railway station.  Address: Martelarenlaan 42, 3500 Hasselt.

Contact information
  * Practical information: stefanie.kerkhofs@uhasselt.be
  * Workshop information: peter.demaesschalck@uhasselt.be, willy.govaerts@ugent.be, dirk.roose@cs.kuleuven.be, giovanni.samaey@cs.kuleuven.be.

Main Lecturers
  * Yuri Kuznetsov (Utrecht University)
  * Hil Meijer (Twente University)
  * Jan Sieber (University of Exeter)
  * Gaetan Kerschen (Université de Liège)

More detailed information about the program is available here

  * Peter De Maesschalck (UHasselt)
  * Willy Govaerts (UGent)
  * Dirk Roose (KULeuven)
  * Giovanni Samaey (KULeuven)