UHasselt is a proud partner of EURECA-PRO, the alliance of 9 like-minded European universities on responsible consumption and production.

Together with our partners, we aim to enable students and staff to study, teach and research in the field of responsible consumption and production, with the long-term goal of a joined virtual and integrated European campus until 2040.

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“UHasselt is a perfect fit with the EURECA-PRO vision. Sustainability runs as a central thread through our research programmes while inclusivity, life-long learning and internationalization reside at the heart of who we are as UHasselt. To us, EURECA-PRO felt like coming home.”
Bernard Vanheusden, Rector UHasselt, April 2022

Our EURECA-PRO partners

Towards responsible consumption and production

Through its interdisciplinary and international approach, EURECA-PRO contributes to the highly topical issue of Sustainable Consumption and Production under the umbrella of Sustainable Development Goal 12.

By 2040, EURECA-PRO aims to become the global educational core hub and interdisciplinary leader in the field of responsible consumption and production, fostering a prosperous societal development and a healthy economy.

Towards inclusive, borderless European Higher Education

With the long-term goal of a joined virtual and integrated European campus, EURECA-PRO’s societal mission contributes to the development of the European Higher Education Area, complimentarily to Sustainable Development Goal 4.

EURECA-PRO charts the way towards a more inclusive, borderless European Higher Education Area, where freedom, free mobility, civic engagement, equal participation and transparent joint governance allow for the development of shared fundamental philosophies, common values and solution-oriented approaches regarding social cohesion, responsible citizenship and humanhood as well as responsible systems design.

Opportunities for students, PhDs, academics and staff members of UHasselt

Through the joint forces of all EURECA-PRO partners, members of the UHasselt community can participate in diverse opportunities across Europe.

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Students at UHasselt:

Together with our partners, we are working towards EURECA-PRO bachelor's and master's programs.

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PhDs, academics and staff at UHasselt:

EURECA-PRO offers exclusive PhD opportunities, like the PhD Journey. Learn more about EURECA-PRO research.

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On January 23rd 2023, we welcomed Bachelor's students from the universities of Mittweida (HSMW) and Freiberg (TU BAF) for a study and cultural visit at our university.

Student Khris tells about his experience as the first EURECA-Pro intern at the University of Mittweida.

EURECA PRO Ondertekening Samenwerking

Hét Europees aanspreekpunt voor duurzaamheid: UHasselt treedt toe tot EURECA-PRO

26 April 2022

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