Charcot Research Fund 2023


Funding organisation:

Charcot Stichting


The Belgian Charcot Foundation has €650.000 available for fundamental MS research. 
This grant is made available to researchers (or groups of researchers) working in a Belgian institution and whose work deals with clinical or fundamental issues relating to the better understanding and/or treatment of multiple sclerosis. 

The fund may be used for the purchase of equipment and laboratory reagents, and posible for the recruitment of additional technical staff. The salaries of scientific staff cannot be covered. Secretarial costs or travel expenses are excluded and must not be taken into account. 


Applications must be made in the online platform of the Charcot foundation, by the deadline of the 30th of September 2022

The following documents must be included:

  • The curriculum vitae of the candidate or candidates ;
  • A detailed description of no more than four pages covering the research that will be carried out with the help of the BCF ;
  • An abbreviated list of the most important publications related to the described research which the candidate(s) would have already published.
The application must also specify the use for which the requested grant will be put and justify the amount of the requested.

More information?

More information can be found on the website of the Charcot Foundation
As always, please contact if you are planning on submitting an application. 



Contact Hasselt University?


Tel. +3211268070

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