King Baudouin Foundation: 2022 Fonds Ernest Solvay



The Ernest Solvay Fund promotes scientific and sustainable development. The fund offers financial support to initiatives in 3 areas:

1.STEM education. This concerns Science (mainly chemistry, physics and earth sciences), Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Digital education is also included.

2.Scientific progress and innovation. Medical and pharmaceutical fields are not included.

3.Sustainable development (in relation to climate change, resource use and the circular economy)

Suppport is until €10.000. 
Applications for scholarships or fellowships in the framework of a doctoral thesis or post-doctoral research are not eligible. Congresses are eligible as long as they bring together young people for educational purposes.


All projects must be located in a country where solvay is active (which includes Belgium). 


  1. Make sure you are eligible for this call for projects. View the selection criteria

  2. Connect up to your account via, or create an account if this is your first application.

  3. Complete the application form online (you can take your time and do it in several stages if you like).

  4. When your application has been fully completed, send it in.

  5. We will send you a confirmation by e-mail, as well as a pdf of your application.

More information?

Visit the King Baudouin Foundation for more information. 
Please contact if you are planning on submitting an application. 



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