CALL: BOF Research Collaboration without boundaries - Call 1- Humanities without boundaries



The BOF programme “Research collaboration without boundaries” should leverage sustainable collaborations with disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, where the supervisor is from the Humanities and Social Sciences* and co-promoters can come from any UHasselt faculty or be a non-UHasselt partner, with the latter partner providing 50% effective co-funding. The intent is to provide seed money, with the goal of serving as the start of a sustainable collaboration that can lead to future joint efforts to apply for new external research funding.

* Humanities and social sciences:
  • de faculties: Business Economics, Law, Architecture and Art
  • de School of Social Sciences
  • de School of Educational Studies


Applications should meet the following conditions:
  • Only UHasselt promoters (ZAP-member) from the humanities and social sciences (max. 1 application per promoter) can submit an application;
  • It should be a new collaboration (the past 4 years are considered - no co-publications; in the application form the possibility is offered to further explain this);
  • fundamental (preliminary) research: TRL level equals 1 (Projects and/or programmes with the aim of performing basic research and observing basic principles)
  • research that is multidisciplinary in nature, which translates into the involvement of:at least 2 UHasselt research groups, in case of a partnership within UHasselt;
  • at least 1 UHasselt research group and 1 non-UHasselt partner (academic or non-academic) from another research discipline, providing 50% effective co-funding.
A budget of € 150.000 is provided for this call. A maximum budget of € 50.000 can be requested per project, with a maximum of €10.000 for operating funds. The requested budget for personnel costs can be used for a researcher in the status of researcher or researcher-expert. However, it is not possible to hire a PhD-student with scholarship with the requested funds. The projects have a maximum duration of 2 years and the researcher must be appointed within the project period.


Applicants will need to complete and submit an application form to, after which a selection will take place in the Bureau of the Research Council.

Deadline and timing

The deadline for this call will be October 3, 2022, with a selection process in November-December and a start date of January 1, 2023.


Research collaborations without boundaries: Call 1 - Humanities without boundaries
BOF regulations

More information?

Contact person: Lieve Tulleneers
Support with regard to the application form  will be guaranteed up to 3 working days before submission date.



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