Pre-Announcement: Water4All Joint Call 2022



Thirty-Four Funding Agencies from all over Europe and abroad are pleased to pre-announce a joint transnational call for research and innovation projects on:

“Management of water resources: resilience, adaptation and mitigation to hydroclimatic extreme events and management tools”.

The call will focus on 3 topics:
  • Topic 1. Resilience, adaptation and mitigation to hydroclimatic extreme events
  • Topic 2. Tools for water management - in the context of hydroclimatic extreme events
  • Topic 3. Improved water governance in the context hydroclimatic extreme events and international contexts
The subtopics are available on the website

The projects should have a duration of 36 months, and they should start in Autumn 2023. 


34 funding agencies from the EU and beyond will join in this call. For Flanders, both VLAIO and FWO are participating. The full list of funding organisations that are participating can be found on the website
  • Each consortium must be composed of at least three independent eligible partners from three different countries requesting funding from participating Funding Partner Organisations.
  • In addition to the abovementioned condition, the projects must involve at least two independent legal entities from two different EU Member States or Horizon Europe associated countries as recipients of the financial support.
  • The upper limit of eligible project partners per consortium is seven (including one self-funded partner, if any).

Each consortium participant will be funded by the Funding Organisation from its country/region participating in this joint transnational call. Participants are therefore subject to the eligibility criteria of national/regional funding organisations.
Each proposal must respect the general international and national/regional eligibility criteria.

More information?

More information will be available on the website upon the official launch of the call, on the 1st of September 2022. 

The submission deadline for pre-proposals is the 31st of October. 
Selected pre-proposals have to submit their full proposal by the 20th of March 2023. 



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