VLAIO - Third call for thematic ICON projects on artificial intelligence and cybersecurity


Funding organisation:

Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen


ICON (Interdisciplinary Cooperative Research) is a formula in which multidisciplinary research teams of scientists, industry partners, and/or social profit organisations jointly research innovative solutions which then find their way into the market offer of the participating partners and beyond.

Within the framework of the Flemish policy plans artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity (CS), VLAIO is launching calls for ICON projects within these themes for the second time.

With the Flemish Policy Plans Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, Flanders wants to invest respectively 32 and 20 million euros per year in AI and CS. Both policy plans consist of three parts that complement and reinforce each other:
  • a research component, aimed at strengthening top strategic basic research in Flanders,
  • an implementation section, aimed at implementation in the Flemish business community, and
  • a flanking policy.
With the thematic ICON projects artificial intelligence (AI-ICON) and cybersecurity (CS-ICON), VLAIO wants to bridge the gap between research results in the field of AI and CS and its applications in Flemish business.

In the first calls, three AI ICON projects and three CS ICON projects were supported. In this new call, the aim is to further broaden the application domains. Within the theme of artificial intelligence, the application areas can be: health, industry 4.0, government and citizens, circular economy, energy, and mobility. However, there is no limitation. Priority is given to projects with great added value for Flanders, to projects that are closely related to the AI ​​and CS research programs, and to projects that are strongly related to AI and CS. The aim is to achieve a balanced spread across areas of application and applicants.


Flemish companies and research organisations.

The business part is financed at 60%, 50%, and 40% respectively for small, medium, and large companies. The research part is funded at 100%.


Mandatory pre-applications can be submitted starting the beginning of September, until the budget runs out. 

VLAIO recommends organizing a meeting with them, to talk through the application process. 

More information?

More information can be found here. 

More information?

Please contact the Research Coordination Office (research@uhasselt.be) if you are planning to submit an application for this call.



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