Info session on intellectual property rights


The Tech Transfer Office and the Doctoral School of Sciences & Technology are organizing an information session on 'Intellectual Property'. Intellectual Property ('IP') is a legal term that refers to various creations of the mind : inventions, literature, artistic works, etcetera. When research evolves into a new idea with high market potential, Hasselt University looks into ways to protect the research result and assists with the commercialization thereof.

During your academic career, many questions will indeed come to mind regarding your research: who owns the IP rights on your research results (you or the university) ? What can be done to protect your results ? In which circumstances should you (not) publish your research results ? Can you use the IP of other parties? What should you do if you want to use somebody’s IP or share yours ? ...

In this session, a basic introduction in IP is first given by Mrs. Heidi Cardous of the Tech Transfer Office.

After this basic introduction, the participants will be split into two groups, depending on the participants' preferences:

  • Vincent Ryckaert, IP manager at imec, takes a closer look at the specific IP rights in the field of materials research.
  • Heidi Cardous will clarify the specific IP rights related to software.

Both interactive sessions will guide you through the do’s and don’ts for academic researchers in the particular fields.

Learning outcomes:

After attending this information session, participants are aware of...

  • intellectual property issues in research,
  • protection of research results,
  • publication issues,
  • data and information management issues.


An important part of preparing for any further professional step is becoming (more) aware of the competences you have developed and/or want to develop. In the current workshop, the following competences from the UHasselt competency overview are actively dealt with:

  • academic research competences:
    • valorisation
    • data management
    • information management
    • publication skills


For whom?

  • PhD students from the DS S&T.  Also postdocs and ZAP from the Faculty of Sciences, the Faculty of Industrial Sciences and the School of Transportation Sciences are most welcome!

When and where?

  • October 19, 2021 - 14:00-16:00
  • campus Diepenbeek, building 2, auditorium EDM


  • Registration has been closed since September 19, 2021
  • As places are limited, registering does not automatically imply that you will be able to participate. You will be notified by email in due time.
  • Please cancel your registration at least one week in advance in case you cannot make it (cf. cancellation & no-show policy).

Acknowledged as?

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