PhD seminar series 'Re-worlding' art and design research

General information

Re-worlding is a series of seminars and lectures to stimulate reflection and debate on research in art, architecture and design. 

This series is co-jointly organised by the University of Hasselt (Faculty of Arts and Architecture), PXL-MAD and LUCA School of Arts (Research Unit Inter-Actions). 


  • Re-worlding wants to support artists and designers to take on an active role in these challenging times with multiple crises (ecological, economical, social, health...) to re-discover, re-think and re-construct our world that is made of many diverse worlds. The seminars and lectures zoom in on the different methods of conceiving, planning and developing artistic and design practices in relation to the changing nature of contemporary art and design and the world in which (young) researchers/artists/designers operate.
  • In monthly seminars and lectures, re-worlding will focus on 6 perspectives relevant to facilitate this engagement with the world:
  • Re-discovering the world of artistic and design research and beyond
  • Re-connecting, to translate between different points of view and worlds through creative writing/documenting of research
  • Re-imagining the past, present and future through artistic and design research
  • Re-infrastructuring, to re-create infrastructures (platforms, methods, tools, instruments) for design-based artistic research
  • Re-institutioning, to better connect (and root) artistic and design research into the everyday world and public and private institutions
  • Ethics of care, re-thinking who we include and exclude in our artistic and design processes, consciously or unconsciously


Starting from session 8, this is the program for the first semester 2021-2022. The spring program will be announced in November. All lectures will be streamed online. Participation is free, but registration is obligatory. Doctoral seminars are only open to students from the three organising partners, but the lectures are open for all


(links per session for more details and registration)

S1 Re-infrastructuring art and design research

S2 Re-managing

S3 Re-discovering: Ethnographic research

S4 Re-institutioning: IP and dissemination (in Dutch: valorisatie)

S5 Re-imagining: A dialogue on spaces for imagination

S6 Ethics of care

S7 Re-connecting: Value creation in artistic and design research

S8 Re-connecting artistic and design research

  • 20/10/21
  • 13:00-14:00 (open to all)
  • 15:00-17:30 (open to students from UHasselt, PXL-MAD and LUCA School of Arts)
  • at PXL-MAD

S9 Re-imaging artistic and design research

  • 25/11/21
  • 15:00-17:30 (open to students from UHasselt, PXL-MAD and LUCA School of Arts)
  • 19:00-20:00 (open to all)
  • at UHasselt (Old Prison)

S10 Re-discovering the world of artistic and design research and beyond

  • 16/12/21
  • 13:00-14:00 (open to all)
  • 15:00-17:30 (open to students from UHasselt, PXL-MAD and LUCA School of Arts)
  • at C-Mine Genk

The PhD seminars are made available via the Doctoral School of Behavioral Sciences and Humanities. S2, S3, S7 and S5 count for advanced discipline-specific knowledge, S1 and S6 for ethics or advanced discipline-specific knowledge, and S4 for valorisation.