This session is part of the PhD seminar series “Re-worlding” art and design research.
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Lecture by Christophe van Gerrewey: Christophe Van Gerrewey (1982) is assistant professor of architecture theory at EPFL Lausanne ( He is an architecture critic and theorist, writing about contemporary buildings, their recent histories and intellectual dimensions, and their connections to society, philosophy, art and literature. In particular, he is an expert on the work of OMA/Rem Koolhaas as well as on Belgian architecture. He is one of the editors of architecture journal OASE, and of art and culture journal De Witte Raaf. In Dutch, he published three novels and a collection of essays.

Abstract of the lecture: Slow Learners. The Possibility of Self-Criticism

The obligation or the invitation to reflect openly and publicly on your own activities as an artist or a designer, is a rather recent one. In each case, historical examples of artists or architects presenting and interpreting their own work just like someone else - a critic or an historian - would do, are rather rare. It becomes a slightly different matter when dealing with literature, because writing is what writers simply do, while it is not part of the 'responsibilities' of the painter, the sculptor, the architect or the musician. A famous text in this regard is the introduction to the collection of stories Slow Learner, published by American author Thomas Pynchon in 1984. Pynchon himself introduced this book with five early stories, and this remarkable text can be considered as the 'written supplement' that accompanies PhD's in the arts - a text in which a 'cultural producer' proposes his or her own production as an achievement worthy of a degree. Starting from Pynchon's sometimes ironical introduction, what can be said about the possibility of reflecting, examining, and writing about your own work - the possibility of self-criticism?


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  • November 25, 2021
  • Doctoral seminar - 15:00-17:30
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