Ready for take-off: establishing a good basis for PhD supervision


This workshop, by Dr Ilse Van Damme, is aimed at duos of supervisors and PhD students. It is meant to trigger discussion about the topic of doctoral supervision and to put it on the agenda by stimulating participants to discuss preferences and expectations (both during the workshop and after). The focus is on increasing insight and awareness, as well as on providing strategies that may help in building a strong supervisor/supervisee relationship. A tool that may be used as a starting point for effective communication between supervisee and supervisor will be introduced. After the workshop, participants will be aware of different aspects of PhD supervision which can contribute to a successful PhD process.

The workshop contains interactive exercises and requires active participation through discussion and sharing of experiences. There are two editions per year.

Learning outcomes

After attending this workshop, you ...

  • are aware of various aspects of PhD supervision which may contribute to a successful PhD process
  • have an enlarged toolbox for going into interaction with your PhD student / supervisor, allowing for greater flexibility in dealing with various situations
  • understand the importance of personal values, expectations and earlier experiences and how they may influence the working relation between supervisor and supervisee
  • have laid the foundations for a strong working relationship
  • feel more at ease discussing supervision-related matters with your PhD student / supervisor
  • know why and how to discuss and clarify mutual expectations


An important part of preparing for any further professional step is becoming (more) aware of the competences you have developed and/or want to develop. In the current workshop, the following competences from the UHasselt competency overview are actively dealt with:

  • interpersonal competences:
    • collaboration
    • leadership
  • personal effectiveness:
    • flexibility
    • self-development
    • responsiveness to change
    • responsibility


For whom?

  • Duos of supervisors and PhD students.
  • There is room for 5 duos per edition. Priority will be given to recently started supervisors.


  • 1st edition: February 25, 2021, 10:00-16:00
  • 2nd edition: March 4, 2021, 10:00-16:00


  • 1st edition: digitally
  • 2nd edition: digitally


  • Please contact your supervisor if you would like to register for this workshop. The supervisor registers and indicates the name of the PhD student who will be joining in.
  • As places are limited (max 5 duos), registering does not automatically imply that you will be able to participate. The supervisor will be notified by email after the registration deadline has passed.
  • Please cancel your registration at least one week in advance in case you cannot make it (cf. cancellation & no-show policy).

Acknowledged as?

  • DS BSH: category 'career management & personal development' - workshop on career management
  • DS HLS: category 'transferable skills' - half of a course on transferable skills
  • DS ST: category 'career & personal development' - workshop on personal development

What others say

Wonderful workshop. Maintaining a good relationship with your supervisor is key to delivering valuable research results. I think it's crucial that every single PhD student and supervisor reflect on this relationship.
(PhD student in 2021)