How to handle conflict situations


In many cases, conflict in the workplace just seems to be a fact of life. We've all seen situations where different people with different goals and needs have come into conflict. And we've all seen the often-intense personal animosity that can result. Conflict management training can make the difference.

The fact that conflict exists, however, is not necessarily a bad thing: As long as it is resolved effectively, it can lead to personal and professional growth.

In many cases, effective conflict resolution can make the difference between positive and negative outcomes. In this hands-on course, taught by Kristof Van Royen (Expert Academy), participants will learn the causes for conflict situations, preventive measures to keep them from occurring and steps to effectively resolve conflicts and turn them into win-win situations.

The session will provide participants with the skills, knowledge and awareness necessary to display a positive approach to conflict handling:

  • What is conflict? - Helping participants to understand and appreciate how conflict occurs, whilst reviewing their own experiences.
  • How to spot conflict - Looking at the tell-tale signs and the more predictable behaviours inherent with conflict.
  • Why conflict can be difficult to resolve - A look at the behavioural aspect of conflict. How our desires drive our behaviour and what this means.
  • The stages of conflict - Plotting the typical path that a conflict follows and relating this to participant's own experience.
  • The methods of managing conflict - Exploring the methods individuals use to manage conflict, which are: Avoiding, Accommodating, Forcing, Compromising, Collaborating.
  • Resolving conflict between others - How to manage the process of helping others resolve conflicts without becoming embroiled.

The training methodology is interactive, participatory and highly contextual. Expect exercises, groupwork, plenary sessions, case studies, role-plays, simulations and dialogues.

Learning outcomes

After attending this training, participants will be able to ...

  • identify factors that create conflicts in the workplace,
  • understand basic behavioral styles and know how to adjust to each for conflict prevention,
  • exercise listening skills taught in the program to improve the chances for open communication,
  • implement a procedure to resolve problems that have viable solutions,
  • deal with emotions and negative feedback,
  • reach a win-win solution that works for everyone.


An important part of preparing for any further professional step is becoming (more) aware of the competences you have developed and/or want to develop. In the current workshop, the following competences from the UHasselt competency overview are actively dealt with:

  • interpersonal competences:
    • assertiveness
    • negotiation
  • personal effectiveness:
    • flexibility
    • initiative
    • responsibility
    • responsiveness to change


For whom?

  • PhD students and postdocs
  • 12 places available

When and where?

  • June 9, 2021, 9:00-12:00 - campus Diepenbeek, building D, room A5 -> switch to digital format!
  • June 11, 2021, 14:00-17:00 - campus Diepenbeek, building D, room A105 -> switch to digital format! 
  • Participation on both days is required.


  • Registration is closed since May 16, 2021.
  • Please register only if you can attend both sessions. As places are limited, registering does not automatically imply that you will be able to participate. You will be notified by email in due time.
  • Please cancel your registration at least one week in advance in case you cannot make it (cf. cancellation & no-show policy).

Acknowledged as?

  • DS BSH: category 'career management & personal development' - workshop on personal development
  • DS HLS: category 'transferable skills' - compulsory elective course
  • DS ST: category 'career & personal development' - course about personal development

What others say

This workshop is useful for everyone in any field. It is nice to learn some techniques that can help you to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. I liked the workshop!
(participant in 2021)
This training really helps to look at conflicts from another point of view. It gives you the strength to deal with conflicts, and decreases the negative connotation of a conflict, by turning a conflict into a developing process. The methods and techniques taught will give you the key to reverse a conflict in a positive turn, not only for the conflict itself, but also for your own development.
(participant in 2020)