Creating effective presentation slides

21 March 2022

This event has already taken place.


Those of us who attend presentations probably agree that most slides out there are ineffective, detracting from what presenters are saying instead of enhancing their presentations. Slides may impress with decoration, but seldom with content.

This lecture, given by Jean-luc Doumont (Principiae), discusses what (not) to include on a slide and why, how to optimize the slide’s layout to get the message across, and how to handle slides when speaking.


For whom?

  • PhD students and postdocs

When and where?

  • The lecture will be organized digitally on March 21, 2022 - 14:00-16:00.


  • You may register here. Please register only if you really intend to participate.

Acknowledged as?

  • Due to the relatively passive nature and short duration of this lecture, attending it cannot be acknowledged in fulfilment of the doctoral school requirements.

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