Your PhD thesis in a Twitter thread: #ThesisThread 2022

15 September 2022 - 15 October 2022


The Doctoral Schools of the five Flemish universities are launching a competition “Your thesis in a Twitter thread: #ThesisThread”. The aim is simple: contestants must set out their doctoral thesis, or a part thereof, in a thread of no more than 20 tweets on Twitter in an engaging and accessible way. The contest will run from the 15th of September till 15th of October.

The aim is to provide PhD candidates in the last year of their PhD projects and those who have defended their PhD within the last six months with the opportunity to broadcast their research, their methodologies and their findings to a broad audience in society. To this end, we are organising a competition in which PhD candidates can compete by submitting a thread of tweets highlighting their research and findings on Twitter. The challenge is to translate scientific findings into easily accessible, simple and engaging language, making use of the possibilities and handling the restrictions of the medium of Twitter. If you don’t use twitter yet, don’t worry, on the 20th of September (10am – 11.30am), Kristof D’hanens (I Like Media) will give an online workshop to teach you how to compose a good Twitter Thread, taking into account good copy, use of hashtags and emoji, links and media.

More information about the contest & selection criteria is available here.

If you only would like to follow the online workshop on how to compose a good Twitter Thread, this is also possible.

Online workshop: how to compose a good Twitter Thread

For whom?

  • PhD students & postdocs


  • The workshop will take place on September 20, 2022 - 10:00-11:30.


  • The session will take place online.


  • Registration for this workshop is possible here.

Acknowledged as?

  • This workshop is not eligible for acknowledgment by the Doctoral Schools.
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