Driving simulators

A low-setting sun, rainy weather, the placement of road signs or a bad road infrastructure. Many factors influence our driving behaviour. Thanks to the driving simulator, we can examine the effects of physical, mental or visual limitations on our driving behaviour in a controlled experimental environment. We also investigate whether a (change in) road design or environment can stimulate positive driving behaviour.

Uhasselt At School 2 Uhasselt At School 2
Grote Simulator

The driving simulator is a research tool we mainly use in the domains of road safety, behaviour and road design. 

IMOB disposes of one large driving simulator and several small ones. Each driving simulator contains two main components: the driving unit and one or more screens.

Kleine Simulator

The driving unit is – like in a real car – equipped with a speedometer, a tachometer, a horn, indicators, pedals and a gearbox. Furthermore, driving a car in a driving simulator is comparable with driving a car on the road.

The test subject follows a route through a virtual town, which will be projected on one or more screens in front of the car. The projected route and the investigated components depend on what the researchers are interested in specifically.

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