Project R-748


Creative Use of Style and Technology for Ordering the Design and Interactive Elaboration of the Vision.


Technology for creative users is often wasted, and made without understanding artists needs. CUSTOdiev will develop technology along with artistic projects, artists shaping technology in a process of 'creative pull'. CUSTODIEV focuses on new methods of creating animation, narrative drawing and performance-driven art. It will create a virtual centre to concentrate expertise in 'creative pull', provide the means for realising 'creative pull' projects als a virtualformum inspired by 'open source'. It will prototype functionality for a distributed 'creative pull' studio; use 'creative pull' to bootstrap a technology base, promote high-profile creative production; and evaluate this new way of developing technology for artists. CUSTODIEV will result in new technologyies, support low-cost production, promote the virtual studio concept, and deliver a showcase of creative results.

Period of project

01 September 2002 - 28 February 2005