Project R-1373


Reinforcement of the educational competence at the Faculty of Medecine, University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN).


The project aims at recognition for the education of the Faculty of Medicine of the UNIKIN and offers refresher courses to teachers at the UNIKIN, the KULeuven and the UHasselt (through the provision of teaching materials). Two types of courses are planned: 10 scholarships of 3 months and 3 visits of short duration. The main objectives of this project are: 1) restoration of the contracts between the various departments of the partners (KULeuven, UHasselt and UNIKIN). 2) support for the renewal of the contents of the courses and the changes to the IT and communicationstechniques. (ICT) 3) developing a set of syllabi for self-learning and distance learning. 4) developing a test system for large groups. 5) participation in the standardization of the programming of the academic year 6) developing a long term cooperation (continuation of the project).

Period of project

23 March 2007 - 22 March 2009