Project R-1264


Transparant ICT platforms for eCare


Supporting the Home Care Process Using ICT The target group of the TranseCare project consists of people that suffer from a chronic and/or a degenerative illness caused by age. A thorough analysis of the needs of this target group, and the possible evolution of the needs is necessary to take the step to actual ┐independent living└ systems. The research and development of ICT systems supporting the care process for this target group islooked at in this project. ICT Technology for the Home Environment The TranseCare project investigates the use of new technologies for supporting daily activities in the home environment. Special attention is given to the mobility of the patient/user. ┐Personal network└ concepts (selfconfiguring and self-organising networks of heterogeneous personal devices) for patients will be designed. A lowthreshold call centre with the possibility to communicate with a confidant through interactive video will increase the user┌s feeling of security. Infotainment (information as well as ergotherapeutical gaming concepts) will involve the patient and possible non-professional carers in the care process as much as possible. From the technical contradiction between open architecture, payable solutions and high reliability demands for emergency calls and surveillance, a realistic configuration for home care will be studied and implemented. In this context, the technological research will always be based on elaborate analyses of users and their needs. Data Exchange between the Actors Involved Making information available and exchangeable between all authorised users in a simple, transparent way can strongly improve the organisation of home care. For this information exchange, research on scalable software systems that guarantee both highly secure and user-friendly data flows is essential. Furthermore, research is done on architectures that are compatible with new tendencies and open standards in this area. Two concrete use cases envision not only medical data exchange, but exchange of a full set of data that are representative of the entire home care process. Access control and single sign-on support the application layer of the software architecture. Domain Analysis, Value Chain, and Legal Context A ┐domain map└ will be made of the institutional field involved, hence both the adoption potential and the possible impact on the total home care value chain can be looked into. Legal studies support the created platform, in order to respect the current and future legislation. Finally, an integrated field test at the end of the project will evaluate the feasibility and the user perspectives of the developed platforms.

Period of project

01 January 2007 - 31 December 2009