Project R-1423


The development and realisation of a multitouch interface


Z33 wants to develop, design and implemen a digital multitouch interface that informs and guides visitors on an innovative way in the exhibition spaces . For the realization of this project, it relies on 2 partners, especially the EDM and KHLim, Media and Design department. Z33 delivers content. EDM will be responsible for the functional design and construction of the multitouch table, technological research and development of the software platform that will allow to develop media-rich networked applications who use the multitouch functionality. EDM will also develop a number of 'proof of concept' applications on top of this platform, which allows to demonstrate the functionality and to enhance the proper functioning. KHLim, MDA will design the multitouch table and the necessary applications for Z33 based on the software that EDM develops.

Period of project

01 December 2008 - 30 November 2010