Project R-4698


ICatcher in the Sky


ICatcher in The Sky is the embodiment of a three- dimensional dream catcher . It's a large sphere in which , with the aid of four projectors, a seamless image on the surface is created. The result is a visualization of the " dream " . The dream can be described as a stream of thoughts , resulting in a constantly transforming and unfraimed iconoclasm . We get to see powerful visual illusions in all colors and shapes. Abstract , cinematic , recognizable and disorienting images are reviewed. The abstract and rhythmic video images , inspired by the world seen under a microscope , henceforth defines the appearance of the balloon . At a certain point the abstract forms seem to turn into recognizable images , images of other realities . The geometry of the dream catcher ensures that we get to see frameless pictures , referend the endless many forms of a dream . Because dreams are highly personal , but also cultural , they have a universal character . The projections are accompanied by a soundtrack composed for the project , which gives the images more power . ICatcher shows us the metamorphosis of images through 360 ° video projections . In order to ensure that the rectangular images perfectly fit on the spherical shape , specialized software is used which attracts and maskes the projected image . This technique is referred to as video projection mapping, a technique in which each surface is converted into a dynamic video display. The most advanced video mappings are based on structured light scanning , projection warping and edge blending for multi projection . The intention is to also add image based lighting. Image based lighting is a technique in which an image is used of the ambient light - a 360 ° panorama is ideal for this purpose - to display 3D models more photorealistic. By projecting on a spherical shape , we get a picture without a frame or border , and we get the feeling that the projection is something tangible.

Period of project

01 January 2012 - 31 December 2012