Funding types

Outgoing mobility

The purpose of outgoing mobility can be a research stay or the attendance of a convention, workshop or course abroad.
Both BOF as well as FWO and the European Horizon 2020 programme provide funding for the mobility of researchers. In addition, thanks to the support of the Flemish government, there is also funding available within the doctoral schools for mobility of PhD candidates and postdocs.

Incoming mobility

Both within Hasselt University, as at the Flemish and European level, there are funds available for incoming mobility. These can be used to bring useful foreign expertise to Flanders.

Intersectoral mobility

Intersectoral mobility between universities and industry gives researchers a better understanding of industrial aspects of research, and stimulates the interaction between university research and business.

Other funding research mobility

Certain Belgian and international funds support mobility to specific countries.
Well-known scholarships and programmes include:

  • Von Humboldt Foundation: For study stays at a German university, college or research institution, from postdoctoral level upwards
  • BAEF scholarships: For study stays in the United States, for doctoral students and postdocs
  • Fulbright scholarships: For academic studies in the United States, for students, doctoral students and postdocs

Are you interested in studying abroad for a while? Then contact the Directorate Research, Library and Internationalisation (Leen Lambrechts) to consider your specific funding options. The office will be happy to help you look for mobility funding for your specific destination of choice or for your research field.