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Erasmus+ is the successor of the European Lifelong Learning Programme (for education and training), and unites the European funding programmes for education and training, youth and sports. Erasmus+ has a budget of approximately €15 billion for the period 2014 - 2021. The programme consists of three key actions:

Key Action 1: learning mobility for individuals
Key Action 2: cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Key Action 3: support for policy reform

Erasmus+ funds:

  • study and internship mobility for students within and outside of Europe
  • mobility of teachers or administrative personnel for teaching assignments and professional development within and outside of Europe
  • strategic partnerships and knowledge alliances for educational innovation
  • capacity building projects between knowledge institutions, small businesses, NGOs, multinationals, governments and / or interest groups
  • reform in the education and youth employment sectors by cooperating with local and national governments

More details about the diverse activities and deadlines can be found in the programme guide.

Please contact Liesbeth Oeyen for more information.