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Interuniversity Symposium: Families in Science - Brussels


Sep 13, 2013


dr. Stefanie KERKHOFS




Hasselt University organizes together with the other Flemish Universities a symposium entitled: Families in Science.

In this symposium, we will present good practices in academic institutions and companies to support staff members to combine a healthy family life and a successful career in science. Personal testimonies of researchers with successful dual careers will be complemented with results from research projects on families in the scientific world.

Date: 13 September 2013

Location: Maria Baers Auditorium, Brussel (location)

Target Group: Policy makers, researchers, HR managers,...

Registration is closed.  

Symposium Language: English

Preliminary Program:

12.30 – 13.00: Registration
13.00 – 13.05: Welcome, Prof. Sven Hendrix
                        Director of the Doctoral School for Medicine & Life Sciences - Hasselt University
13.05 – 13.20: Minister Ingrid Lieten
                        Vice-Minister-President of the Flemish Governement and Flemish Minister for Innovation, Public
                        Investment, Media and Poverty Reduction
13.20 – 13.50: Prof. Corinna Onnen
                        Director of the Institute for Social Sciences and Philosophy - Vechta University
Work life balance and family arrangements in a dynamic global society'
13.50 – 14.20: Prof. Marloes Van Engen
                        Assistant Professor, Department Human Resource Studies – Tilburg University
'Parents in Academia: Dare to care'
14.20 – 14.35: Prof. Marnix Beyen
                        Professor, Research Group on Political History – University of Antwerp
                        'The blessings and the curses of academic flexibility for family life (and vice versa)'
14.35 – 14.50: dr. Katleen Verleysen
                        CEO Pronota
Finding the right balance between family life and a career: mission impossible?'
14.50 – 15.20: Coffee Break
15.20 – 15.40: Prof. Sven Hendrix
                        Director of the Doctoral School for Medicine & Life Sciences - Hasselt University
'Families in Science - Productive Strategies for Doctoral Schools'
15.40 – 15.55: Prof. Ann Van Soom
                        Professor, Department of Obstetrics, reproduction and herd health – Ghent University
'Career and Family'
15.55 – 16.15: dr. ir. Jean-luc Doumont
                        Partner, Principiae
'Work-life balance: breaking through the stereotypes'
16.15 – 16.35: dr. ir. Elisabeth Monard
                        Secretary-General – Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
'FWO: for a good balance between research and family life'
16.35 - 17.05: Prof. Patrizia Zanoni
                        Professor, Research group 'Diversity' - Hasselt University
“Academics’ work-life balance: A tale of freedom and multiple accountabilities in the knowledge  
17.05 – 17.15: Prof. Sven Hendrix (closing remarks)




Supported by the Flemish Government