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Personal data  Anitha ETHIRAJAN

Name:Prof. dr. Anitha ETHIRAJAN
Telephone :+32-11-268877
Room nr.:IMO-2.11
Faculty: Faculty of Sciences
Discipline group: Physics
Research group(s): Materials Physics
Institute: Member Institute for Materials Research
Member Institute for Materials Research
Address:Campus Diepenbeek
Wetenschapspark 1
BE 3590 Diepenbeek
Education 2017-2018  
course unit function
Bachelor test(3748) Co-lecturer
Biomedical material development: extra classes(3629) Co-lecturer
Biosensors(1977) Coordinating lecturer
Development of a research project proposal and introduction to nano(bio)chemistry(3401) Member of the teaching team
Exploration(1268) Member of the teaching team
Innovative technology in diagnosis and therapeutics(3741) Co-lecturer
Junior practical training(2093) Co-lecturer
Junior practical training(3400) Co-lecturer
Liquids, solids, and biological matter: structure and transport mechanisms(2131) Co-lecturer
Master thesis(2095) Co-lecturer
Master thesis(3403) Co-lecturer
Multidisciplinary biomedical research(3747) Member of the teaching team
Nano- and microsystems technology(1986) Co-lecturer
Nanomedicine(2261) Coordinating lecturer
Personalised medicin in diagnosis and therapy(3743) Member of the teaching team
Research training(3402) Co-lecturer
Research Training(2094) Co-lecturer
Theory in Soft Matter(1477) Co-lecturer

Member Materials Physics
List of projects 


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