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Integrity and responsible conduct at UHasselt

Steering Committee Ethics & Integrity

Integrity and responsible conduct at UHasselt

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The Ethics & Integrity Steering Committee is an umbrella body in which the chairmen of all ethics and integrity committees sit, as well as representatives of the Research, Education and HR departments.
Within the Steering Committee, various ethical issues are discussed and files or questions can be discussed that fall within the competence of several ethics committees. In this way, all ethics committees are kept informed of each other's work. If you have any questions regarding ethics and integrity that have still not been answered, please contact integriteit@uhasselt.be .

Please note that the Steering Committee does not deal with complaints or problems. You can contact the
bodies listed here.

  • The Ethics and Integrity Steering Group has been set up in order to:
    provide internal advice, both general and ad hoc, and propose measures on ethical and integrity issues;
  • coordinate the ethical and integrity committees at UHasselt, in particular with regard to regulations, composition, operation and procedure;
  • formulate recommendations for appropriate training and information for all UHasselt employees and follow up initiatives with a view to developing a culture of integrity.