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International students

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Grants outside of Europe 

You can find more information in the call.

Application procedure:

Step 1: register yourself through this google form.

Step 2: complete and sign the application form and upload it as attachment to the google registration form.

Deadline for applications: 10/03/2021 


Erasmus grants within Europe 


You are eligible for an Erasmus scholarship if ...

  • You are registered at Hasselt University and enrolled in studies leading to a recognised degree (bachelor's, master's, PhD);
  • You have earned at least 60 ECTS credits;
  • Hasselt University will award you full academic recognition for the study period at your host institution; this period forms an integral part of your normal programme at Hasselt University;
  • The host university waives all tuition fees (including exam fees and fees related to the student card granting you access to laboratories and libraries). Caution: your host university may ask you, as they do their own students, to pay a small fee for insurance, membership of a student union or the use of certain materials, such as photocopies or laboratory products;
  • You will continue to receive your (study) scholarship from the (national)government during your stay abroad; your Erasmus mobility scholarship is unrelated to any education grant you may receive from the Flemish government. 
  • Per study cycle (bachelor's, master's, PhD) you have a right to a total of 12 months of Erasmus scholarship (in theory you can make several shorter stays).
  • In order to qualify, you need to live in the host country during your period of learning mobility.
  • The host country must be a different programme country than that of your home institution and the country where you live during your regular studies (country of residence).

You are not eligible for an Erasmus scholarship if ...

  • you are in the first year of your bachelor's programme; 
  • you receive a scholarship or grant from the European Community for a programme other than Erasmus during the period of your Erasmus exchange;
  • you wish to follow programme components at a host institution with which Hasselt University has not signed a bilateral exchange agreement for your discipline;
  • you do not pass your examinations; if you successfully finish the examination period in September and the scholarship budget allows for it, you may still be able to receive an Erasmus scholarship in the autumn; note: in this case your faculty needs to agree that you will leave for your host institution. In addition, your host institution must still be willing to receive you and the academic year at the institution cannot have started already.

Application procedure

Step 1: register yourself through this google form.

Step 2: You will get instructions via e-mail and there will be a mandatory infosession for selected students in April/May 2020.

Deadline for applications: 30/05/2021

Calculation method

The Erasmus mobility scholarships are in no way comprehensive study scholarships.  They are not intended to cover all costs that you would normally incur in Hasselt / Diepenbeek.

They are intended to help you cover the additional costs of your stay abroad, such as travel-related costs, expenses for linguistic preparation and the costs of a higher standard of living in the host country.

Scholarship amounts 2020/2021

The amount of the scholarship is dependent on the country of destination and the student category that you belong to.

The countries are divided into three separate groups:

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

Denmark, Finland,
Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden,
United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway

Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, ,Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Republic of North Macedonia, Turkey

Category 1 consists of grant students and work students.
Category 2 consists of students who do not meet the requirements to belong to Category 1.

The scholarship amounts for the academic year 2019/2020 are determined as follows:

Category 1

Destination Study Internships
Group 1 € 529 / month (30 days) € 529 / month (30 days)
Group 2 € 479 / month (30 days) € 479 / month (30 days)
Group 3 € 429 / month (30 days) € 429 / month (30 days)

Category 2

Destination Study Internships
Group 1 € 379 / month (30 days) € 479 / month (30 days)
Group 2 € 329 / month (30 days) € 429 / month (30 days)
Group 3 € 279 / month (30 days) € 379 / month (30 days)