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Guidelines international travel for staff available on Intranet (in Dutch).

Registering for international travel within the framework of a course unit is mandatory. Students and PhD students who do not have an exchange file in their student file yet, are required to register via this Google Form

If you have planned a foreign exchange, internship or project, the following guidelines apply: 

It is essential to take into account the applicable colour code in the country or region you are going to. You can consult the colour codes here

When are you allowed to leave?

You can travel to green, red and orange areas under strict conditions:

  • You may leave for these countries / regions provided the academic activities require a (partial) presence from the receiving university / organization.
  • You always need approval (= mandatory!) from the university for this. You can request permission via the International Office (traveladvice@uhasselt.be).

So it is not possible to travel:

  • When, regardless of the country color code, there is only online education (or online internship activities) at the host institution (for the entire duration of the stay).
  • Travel outside the EU will remain prohibited for the time being. Exceptions to this prohibition must be requested via the International Office (traveladvice@uhasselt.be).

What do you have to do yourself as a student?

  1. Always check the travel advice of the Federal government in advance and on the day of departure.
  2. Register via TravellersOnline.
  3. Request an 'Invitation letter' or a document from the receiving university/organization confirming that you are welcome, so that you can submit this in case of any border controls.
  4. Always ask for permission to leave the International office (traveladvice@uhasselt.be), if your destination is not in a green zone. For urgent questions you can contact Laurien Stuversvia email or on +32 472 70 74 92.
  5. Before you travel back to Belgium you are obliged to fill in a return travel form. Fill here the mandatory return travel form (Passenger Locator Form).

Additional explanation:

If the country of your destination has a code green, you get permission without additional conditions for traveling for the time being. We want you to focus on the points below point:

  • If the (epidemiological) situation in the country of destination changes, the travel advice can also change. It is a conditional approval subject to changing government travel policy. If there is a change of the color code, see at the top for steps to follow.
  • It is your responsibility to check if it is possible to go to the country of destination. On this map you can look up which color code of  your destination and whether or not you will be admitted to the country. Check if the destination country allows foreigners in its territory and/or imposes quarantine rules. You can get more information via the website of the embassy of the country of destination or via your host institution or organization. You can contact us directly for urgent questions. Contact Laurien Stuversvia mail or via phone +32 472 70 74 92.
  • As soon as your trip is fixed, register via www.travellersonline.diplomatie.be (or via the embassy of your country). That way, the (Belgian) embassy can contact you as if necessary. Be aware that there is a risk that you will not be able to get back to Belgium as planned.
  • Stick to local regulations at all times.
  • You must bear any additional costs in the context of the coronavirus yourself (any tests, quarantine periods, an extended stay, ...). Erasmus students with an Erasmus grant can apply for an extension of their period (note: no guarantee of approval). For more information, you can contact Laurien Stuvers.
  • If it turns out to be impossible to get to your destination, you should contact your faculty and Laurien Stuvers as soon as possible to discuss alternatives.

If you have any questions about your planned trip, you can contact us via traveladvice@uhasselt.beor 011 26 90 43.