Lecture on decolonial aesthesis with ‪Rolando Vázquez and Virgilio Vasconcelos

03 mei 2023
14h00 - 17h00
LUCA School of Arts, C-Mine 5, 3600 Genk
Rolando Vazquez Melken Rolando Vazquez Melken

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Lecture on decolonial aesthesis

In the first part of the talk, we will introduce the notion of Decolonial Aesthesis. First we will look at the major premises of Decolonial thought as developed within the Modernity/Coloniality network. Then we will show how decolonial aesthesis brings to question the aesthetics of the west, not only as art practice but as a form of control over everyday life experience. Finally we will explain the way in which decolonial aesthesis works against the grain of the colonial difference and challenges the metaphysics of modernity and its dominant ways of worlding the world.

In the second part of the talk, we will reflect on critical aspects of animation, drawing on influences from Decolonial thought and the Philosophy of Technics. Animation will first be situated within an entanglement of socio-technical aspects, and then its aesthetic and technical developments will be presented as a form of writing that can be a site of struggle for epistemic disobedience and re-existence.

About Rolando Vázquez

Rolando Vázquez is a teacher and decolonial thinker. Vázquez is currently Associate Professor of Sociology at the University College Utrecht. He co-directs with Walter Mignolo the annual Maria Lugones Decolonial Summer School. His most recent publication is “Vistas of Modernity: Decolonial aesthesis and the End of the Contemporary” (Mondriaan Fund 2020).

About Virgilio Vasconcelos

Virgilio Vasconcelos is a researcher and lecturer at LUCA School of Arts. As part of the Inter-Actions research unit, he coordinates the research cluster “Critical Reflections of and through animation”, investigating topics of Decoloniality and how its matrix of power (including but not limited to race, gender and knowledge) relates to animation. His research interests also include topics in Philosophy of Technics and social power relations inscribed in and by technical objects. Teaches animation theory and practice at the Re:Anima Erasmus Mundus Joint Master in Animation and also performs research with institutions from the FilmEU_RIT consortium.


  • Wednesday May 03th 2023
  • 14h00 - 17h00
  • Location: Luca School Of Arts, C-Mine, 3600 Genk, aula 1

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