Big Data for Health and Care

22 mei 2023 - 26 mei 2023
09:00 - 17:00
UHasselt - Campus Diepenbeek
Summerschool Big Data Summerschool Big Data

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The use of big data has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach healthcare. With the increasing availability of healthcare data, we can now leverage this data to gain new insights into disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. However, to unlock the full potential of big data in healthcare, it's crucial to have a better understanding of the underlying concepts and methods. Our Summer School on "Big Data in Health and Care" provides an excellent opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of these topics, from data acquisition and preprocessing to analysis and governance. Our Summer School combines inspiring invited lectures, informative sessions, and engaging breakout sessions.

During the invited lectures, you'll have the opportunity to hear from leading experts in the field of big data in health and care. These experts are designed to inspire and motivate participants, by providing a glimpse into the exciting opportunities that await in this field.

The informative sessions are focused on providing participants with a solid foundation in the key concepts and methods of big data in healthcare. These sessions cover topics such as data acquisition, preprocessing, harmonization, integration, and analysis. With these sessions, we aspire to provide participants with a clear understanding of the different stages of the data science life cycle, as well as the key challenges and best practices associated with each stage.

Finally, the breakout sessions provide participants with hands-on experience applying the concepts and methods covered in the informative sessions. During these sessions, participants will work in small groups, collaborating on real-world case studies and challenges related to big data in healthcare. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to apply the concepts learned in the previous sessions, network with other participants, and gain a deeper understanding of the practical challenges and opportunities associated with big data in healthcare.

Overall, our Summer School on "Big Data in Health and Care" offers a dynamic and engaging learning experience. By participating in this course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to harness the power of big data in healthcare, making a meaningful impact on patient outcomes and the healthcare industry as a whole.

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