Conference: From tech to Rehabilitation

Technology. It is impossible to imagine a world without it. Technology is also gaining ground in the rehabilitation landscape. During this conference, clinicians, scientists and other interested individuals will be given the opportunity to become acquainted with the evidence regarding rehabilitation technologies.

23 september 2022
13:00 - 19:00
Campus Diepenbeek, UHasselt
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Poster submission

A number of posters will be selected and have the opportunity to give a short one-minute TED talk.


  • Registration via this link.
  • Price: Participation is free, registration obligated (max. 150 participants)
  • Accredidation ProQKine is requested


Contact: dr. Liselot Thijs



The tentative time-schedule is:


September 23, 2022



13.30h - 13.40h:

Introduction by Bruno Bonnechere

13.40h - 14.15h:

Smart Immersive Occupational Performance Assessment by Profs. Jelle Demanet and Lode Sabbe - Howest and UGent

14.15h - 14.50h:

Serious games for cognitive and motor diagnosis and rehabilitation by Prof. Martin Edwards - UCLouvain

14.50h - 15.20h:

A multi-sensory immersive room to provide well-being to people with dementia by Prof. Klass - ULB

15.20h - 15.45h:

Ted-talk poster 1 minute (max 20 participants)

15.45h - 16.25h:

Poster fair + Break

16.25h - 17.00h:

Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines on telehealth by Prof. Judith Deutsch - Rutgers School of Health Profession (USA)

17.00h - 17.35h:

Technology-facilitated, self-directed rehabilitation for stroke survivors by Dr. Michelle Broderick - Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (UK)


Robot-assisted rehabilitation of hand function in stroke patients by Giada Dittori - ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

18.10h - ...


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