How to handle plastics in a sustainable way?

25 januari 2023
19:00 - 21:00
Hasselt University - Campus Diepenbeek – building D – aula A102

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Plastic Waste

Lecture by prof. Louis Pitet on how to handle plastics in a sustainable way?

Wednesday, January 25th, 19.00 - 21.00 

The lecture will be in English and is accessible to a broad audience.
Hasselt University - Campus Diepenbeek – building D – aula A102

Our extremely ubiquitous use of plastics has burdened our planet's and communities' health. How we address the problem of plastic pollution in the coming decades will largely determine the fate of marine and land environments the world over.

We should look at the entire life cycle of plastic materials and ask some fundamental questions. How do we make plastics, and what are their origins? How do we use plastics? What do we do with plastics after we're "done" with them?

Can we re-evaluate these aspects, asking if we can do this better, respecting the environment, keeping our communities clean, and enabling the industry to thrive economically?

Addressing these issues requires a commitment from societies and governments and active participation. It also requires some significant technology gaps to be overcome.

In this lecture, Prof. Louis Pitet will give you a broad overview of how we came to this problem and present some of the significant areas that will have the biggest impact. He will also provide you with simple tools to help us all make a difference in our everyday lives. 


This lecture is an organization of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences of Hasselt University and in collaboration with Hasselt University Science Communication.

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