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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-6187

Title : FWO travel credit for a long stay abroad, at Lund University (R-6187)
Abstract: This application for funding for a lot research stay abroad takes place in the frame of the PhD studies of Tim De Ceunynck. The PhD is about defining and validating the relationships between surrogate safety indicators and crashes, and their use for identifying traffic safety issues and evaluating measures. The principal goal of the research stay was on the one hand to become more familiar with the theoretical framework of surrogate safety indicators, and on the other hand to make an own contribution to the theory formation about surrogate safety indicators. Therefore, two conceptual-methodological studies were made. Furthermore, two research cases were started up in which surrogate safety measures are applied to policy relevant traffic safety issues.
Period of project : 1/05/2014to31/07/2014

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