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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-6749

Title : Implementation of an Activity-based Transportation Model. Phase 1 : Feasibility Study, Phase 2 : Full Implementation. (R-6749)
Abstract: Phase 1: Activity-based transportation models have proven to lead to more realistic and policy-sound predictions. One of the advantages of these models is a more realistic description of people's travel behavior. Another advantage is a better understanding of people's travel behavior. Because of these advantages, researchers and policymakers are switching from conventional models to activity-based models. In this feasibility study of 2.5 months duration, our prime focus will be to evaluate the potential of implementing a tailor-made state-of-the-art activity-based transportation model. This activity-based transportation model that we will focus on is known as "FEATHERS". FEATHERS is a highly advanced transport demand model that is able to predict trips for groups of individuals living in a certain area. However, in parallel to regular trips, FEATHERS is also able to predict individuals activities during the day in-between their regular trips. This means that FEATHERS knows what activity individuals are involved in, at a particular place, at a particular moment in time and for how long. The final outcome / deliverable of this study will be a detailed feasibility report with the concrete steps required to introduce FEATHERS for the East Hampshire District Council UK. This report will be presented to the concerned authorities for discussion and further action. Furthermore, we will also provide a financial and work plan for the said implementation.
Period of project : 21/11/2015to31/12/2015

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