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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-7171

Title : Road safety in Ghana: Analysis of passenger safety evaluations and public transport (PT) operator choices (R-7171)
Abstract: Public transport experience ought to be pleasant for all passengers. Passengers' overall safety is a component of pleasant travel. Poor transport safety reflects in injury or death suffered by passengers, with implications for PT use by both existing and potential passengers. In spite of extensive studies on PT evolution, service pricing and demand determinants in Ghana, studies on PT passengers' safety evaluations are lacking. Cross-sectional in design, the study will utilise mixed methods both for data collection and analysis and will be grounded in the Rational Choice Theory. Three study areas, Accra, Kumasi and Tamale, are identified. Patrons of inter-urban PT services in Ghana will constitute the target population. Both primary (through questionnaire administration and interview schedule) and secondary (official PT safety statistics from the Police and PT operators) data sources will be utilised. A convenient sample of 300 respondents will be selected. Study objectives will be analysed using Factor Analysis and Logistic Regression. Passengers' experience of safety related incidence on PT is expected to have a moderating effect operator choices.
Period of project : 20/06/2016to31/12/2019

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