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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-7614

Title : Implementatie of an Activity-Based Transportation Model : Full Implementation (R-7614)
Abstract: East Hampshire District Council RegenCo selected IMOB to partner with them on the delivery of an activity-based transportation model for Whitehill & Bordon (WHB) to support modal shift towards sustainable travel. Activity-based travel analysis approaches are considered preferable to the trip- and tour-based approaches described above because they analyse travel from a theoretical perspective that takes into account the demand for activity participation, interrelationships among trips and interactions among household members. In the context of the activity-based framework, human activity is a result of actions. In addition, IMOB will work with RegenCo in exploring and addressing 3rd party regeneration projects in the UK that will benefit from a similar transport model along with other related sustainable transportation products.
Period of project : 1/11/2016to13/12/2017

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