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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-7704

Title : Development structural cooperation Indonesia (R-7704)
Abstract: The School for Transportations Sciences aims at a cooperation with the potential partner University of Trisakti in Indonesia. Trisakti is the oldest and largest private University in Jakarta, it has 40,000 students and enjoys a good reputation. One of their focus areas is transport and road safety. The educational focus of both universities connect well with each other. Trisakti builds its international network very rapidly, recently agreements with Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and France were closed. In these agreements, the focus was on water and air transport. For land transport, the School for Transportation Sciences can become the European partner. Objectives of the cooperation that were discussed with the partner, are: - closing an MoU - exploring the possibility of a communal master program - inflow of master students in the Master of Transportation Sciences supported by fairs ICP, PDP, E+ - contributing to developing relevant content for the Master of Transportation Sciences as guest lecturers in the ICP - offering internships in Indonesia for ICP students and students of the Master of Transportation Sciences - exploring joint projects and sandwich PhD candidates - supported by funding from Trisakti, LPDP, E+ and other future project applications
Period of project : 1/01/2017to30/09/2018

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