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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-8139

Title : In-Dept Analysis of Motorcycle Riders'Risk-Taking Behaviors and Measures to Improve Road Safety for Motorcyclists. (R-8139)
Abstract: In both developed and developing countries, the travel demand of transport by motorcycles is increasing as a result of the benefits they provide. Especially in developing countries, the number of registered motorcycles are sharply increasing every year. In addition, with the rapid development of science and technology, the engine of motorcycles are getting stronger and cheaper, so traffic users' choice of motorcycles with large displacement engines f is increasing. As a consequence of the increase in the number of motorcycles, the number of serious and very serious accidents related to motorcycles is on the rise and the rate of fatalities per accident is very high. Currently, there is little research on improving and enhancing the quality of transport infrastructures and motorcycles to avoid accidents . Specifically, there is a lack of studies on safety solutions related to transport infrastructures and motorcycles to help people stay alive and uninjured in a crash. To solve those problematic situations, this research presents a package of comprehensive measures to enhance traffic safety for motorcyclists including active and passive solutions in developing countries. The active solutions help drivers to avoid accidents, the passive solutions help people stay alive and uninjured in a crash. The research will be conducted based on the analysis of the data from traffic accidents and the risk-taking behaviours of motorcyclists at typical intersections and motorways. This analysis clearly points out the type and nature of collisions, occupant characteristics and the causation of injuries. Furthermore, an in-depth interview on the behaviours of motorcycle riders will be conducted to determine the main risk-taking behaviours that are usually performed by riders.
Period of project : 1/08/2017to30/06/2021

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