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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-8627

Title : Use of ICT interventions to improve road safety for school children in developing countries (R-8627)
Abstract: Road traffic injuries are a major public health crisis in developing countries, with especially school children as more vulnerable during their trips from home to school (e.g. failing to observe road signs and to make cognizant decisions, but also risks of being kidnapped or harassed during their long walking trips to school). There is a need to improve the safety of school children themselves during their trips, as well as to ensure their safety when they are travelling alone. In this doctoral research, different ICT interventions will be used to improve the road safety for school children in developing countries. Transport-related problems and needs in Dar es Salaam will be captured from school children, their parents and teachers, in order to define the requirements and needs of ICT interventions for the local context. The Route2School (R2S) application will be adapted to the local context, and used in a selection of primary and secondary schools in order to collect information about perceived dangerous location along the route, as well as to create home-school route maps. Based on these results, several appropriate ICT interventions will be developed for safer routes to school. A valorization plan will be worked out about how contextualized ICT interventions can be translated towards the local context, and be implemented in developing countries.
Period of project : 1/01/2018to31/12/2021

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