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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-8992

Title : MOBIPLANLIMBURG : Quote Mobility Plan Limburg (R-8992)
Abstract: The province of Limburg wants to create its own 'Limburg mobility plan'; a plan that gives a detailed and realistic picture of the current and future vision of Limburg in terms of mobility. Such a specific Limburg mobility plan is necessary because Limburg is faced with specific mobility problems. With this plan, the Province of Limburg wants to offer a concrete answer to the numerous mobility demands, which present themselves and provide a well-founded preparation for the introduction of the "basic accessibility" concept in Limburg. Afterwards, this plan and the analysis data must also form the basis for future Limburg mobility policy. It is also important that this mobility plan is created through a process in which all relevant stakeholders are involved through information and participation. In order to be able to realize this plan, cooperation between the province of Limburg and IMOB is necessary. This cooperation results in a research process in which both the province of Limburg and IMOB take on specific tasks and roles.
Period of project : 1/06/2018to30/12/2020

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