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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-9056

Title : Development, implementation and pilot-testing of a gamified E-learning platform for the improvement of (motor)cycling knowledge & skills of Vietnamese adolescents (R-9056)
Abstract: Traffic accidents and traffic concerns are always types of heavy pressure on the society. Several studies indicate that violation of traffic laws and a lack of situation awareness are core issues leading to traffic accidents, especially, poor hazard perception and undeveloped driving skills are main reasons of young-novice accidents. In Vietnam, to improve road safety in adolescents, a number of solutions such as strengthening communications on traffic safety among people, spreading traffic rules on the mass media and even increasing the fine for violating regulations, are introduced. However, most of interventions have not been highly effective because they focus on raising awareness instead of learning knowledge and training skills. By using the gamified e-learning platform in the co-operation to IMOB, the research focus on promoting (motor)cycling-related knowledge and skills among Vietnamese adolescents. This gamified educational tool is extremely useful for young people to improve their knowledge of road traffic laws and predictions traffic situation in order to make timely handling. To begin with, needs of improvement in (motor)cycling-related knowledge and skills of Vietnamese adolescents will be identified through assessing key problems related to risk motorcyclist behaviour. Next, e-learning platform will be developed to adapt to Ho Chi Minh City by collecting and transforming traffic data of the local context. Finally, pilot testing of e-learning platform in the context of Ho Chi minh City will be conducted. Results from pilot testing will be analysed and evaluated to identify the impact of the application on improvement in (motor)cycling-related knowledge and skills of the focus group in the comparison to that of the target group.
Period of project : 1/04/2019to31/12/2022

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