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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-9852

Title : Sustainable rural development through socially innovative and community-based conservation in the Chaparri Reserve Region (R-9852)
Abstract: This project seeks to trigger the sustainable development potential of rural areas with high poverty levels and under the social, economic and environmental threats of extractive industries in the Global South. It aims to stimulate sustainable rural development in the North of Peru through socially innovative and community-based conservation in the Chaparri Reserve region. Complementary academic partners and stakeholders from the public, private and civil society sectors will produce new knowledge in a collective process of action research. This multi-actor process involves further consolidation of the Chaparri Reserve from a pilot case-study (previous South Initiative) into an inter-/ trans-disciplinary in-situ living laboratory (TEAM). Outcomes of this project include: (i) Empowering local communities, by co-creating a rural development observatory, installing a fund for pilot projects and advancing policy recommendations; (ii) Increasing academic capacities, by creating a new research center on sustainable development at Trujillo University; (iii) Supporting Peru in achieving its commitments to the SDGs and Aichi Targets. This TEAM project more specifically aims: (1) To improve UNT's inter- and transdisciplinary research and educational capacities on community-based conservation and sustainable rural development (academic objective). (2) To empower the local community, socially, economically and politically, and to enhance rural sustainable development, by strengthening a socially innovative and community-based conservation approach (developmental objective).
Period of project : 1/01/2019to31/12/2022

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