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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-9900

Title : Integrating Urban Model And Activity-Based Travel Demand Model (R-9900)
Abstract: FEATHERS (Forecasting Evolutionary Activity – Travel of Household and their Environmental RepercussionS), an activity-based microsimulation modeling framework, was originally developed by IMOB, Hasselt University, to forecast traffic demands and evaluate transport policy measures. It combines heuristic rules adapted from ALBATROSS (A Learning Based Transportation Oriented Simulation System) for decisions at daily pattern level and discrete choice models for several models such as transport mode and location choices. With a modular architecture, FEATHERS allows practitioners to customize the system with their preferences around the core scheduling module. Currently, in FEATHERS, land use data is being used in order to predict locations where individuals will carry out their activities. A land use simulation, a component of an urban simulation model, could nicely complement the already existing land use component inside FEATHERS. It can also be used in integrating with a framework like FEATHERS in order to calculate different kind of policy scenarios. The aim of the research to integrate a land use model into an activity based behavior travel model framework.
Period of project : 1/07/2019to31/12/2022

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