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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-12310

Title : MILESTONE: MobILe and tEchnological SoluTions for OccupatioNal drivErs (R-12310)
Abstract: Occupational road freight drivers have difficult, exhausting and stressful job conditions and suffer from major health problems; with an important road safety impact as well. According to the International Road Transport Union, Europe is facing the most acute driver shortage in decades. The general aim of MILESTONE is to develop and test different technological interventions to reduce the difficult driver working conditions, stress and negative health impact, and improve company planning conditions. MILESTONE has 4 main objectives: • Understanding the impact of personal state and contextual stressors, on driving behaviour and traffic safety • Development of system-level intervention to keep drivers within their 'stress tolerance zone' • Development of job-facilitating solutions • Implementation of MILESTONE intervention and job-facilitating solutions Based on the scientific project results, MILESTONE will lead to 4 specific valorisation objectives: • Advice/guidelines about health and working conditions (driver quality of life, societal benefits) • Improved planning conditions by companies (company quality of service (QoS)) • Mobile personalized intervention to reduce stress (driver QoL) • Technological job-facilitating solutions (driver QoL, societal benefits)
Period of project : 1/09/2021to31/08/2024

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