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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-3987

Title : Enhancing the research possibilities of the IMOB driving simulator (R-3987)
Abstract: An expansion of the 2 IMOB's driving simulators with new equipment is described. Four changes are described. First, to investigate underlying neurocognitive processes of driving, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) will be implemented in future research. TMS is a well-established technique to stimulate a well-defined part of the human brain. It can reveal causal brain-behavior relationships providing important information about the underlying neurocognitive processes of driving. To this aim, a repetitive TMS (rTMS) device is necessary. Secondly, a second eye- and head-tracking system is necessary to investigate eye movements while driving in both simulators that are very often in use in parallel. Thirdly, replacement of screen projectors will largely improve overall focus and sign readability in the simulator which is important for our projects on road design. Finally, physical separation of driver and experimenter and a full cab mockup will improve reliability of our driving behavior measurements in all research. All together, this expansion will result in a more complete and reliable picture of driving behavior and will thus increase the impact of our research significantly
Period of project : 28/06/2012to1/11/2018

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