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Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) : project R-3899

Title : Developing and maintaining a digital tool to map travel behaviour and accessibility of schools and companies (R-3899)
Abstract: To be able to guide schools and companies in developing an action plan / package of measures to increase the number of sustainable trips in commuter traffic, we want to develop a digital tool. A tool that can be used to collect, process and analyse data to get a picture of the current mobility situation of the school or company and to get an idea of possible measures that can be interesting for the school or company. With the digital tool, schools and companies should be able to collect and process the necessary data in a simple and fast way. The results of this inventory should be simple and accessible and can be used as a starting basis for a discussion with the stakeholders within the school or the company. Based on these results, a process has to be started with the following ultimate goal: the development of an action plan that deals with traffic safety in the surroundings of the school / the company and with influencing the behaviour of people regarding environmentally friendly mobility.
Period of project : 31/05/2012to31/07/2017

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